Frequently Asked Questions

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Original Painting? Gicleé Artist Proof? Print?

Continues to be one of the most frequently asked questions!

Each ORIGINAL PAINTING is meticulously hand painted, executed in acrylic on board. Each "masterpiece of Dave's mind" represents between 200 and 300 hours of painting, historical research and fine tuning. No computer generated art or airbrushed art is a part of any painting. The ORIGINAL PAINTING is a one of a kind -- another doesn't exist!

A limited number of fine art PRINTS are then produced from the painting. Each print is individually inspected, signed and numbered. When an artist produces a limited edition print, an additional 10 percent is printed and is the artist's personal stock. (A limited edition size of 950 are numbered 1-950; the artist proof edition is numbered AP1-AP95)

Those ARTIST PROOFS are inspected, signed and numbered also, and are worth more on the open market because of the small edition size. Some collectors purchase only the ARTIST PROOF, while others prefer the regular edition. However, only ONE can own the ORIGINAL.

If I Only Knew...

I wish I had the foresight when I was growing up to know that I would cherish those nostalgic memories that are photos in my mind. If only I had known that painting the past would be my future! I am a stickler for historical accuracy and detail and spend many hours combing through old books and photos to glean the mood and detail I am seeking. In my neighborhood, or at least within bicycling distance, there was everything that now takes me hours to research today. Dealerships of every mark, including Studebaker and Hudson were within reach. I can remember every brand of gas station I passed. If only I had packed along a camera and realized the importance these everyday details, life would be easier today! Do you have any old photos of automobilia you would like to share with me? Dealership and gas station memorbilia, drive-in restaurants are my favorites. The details I look for are signage, gas pumps, oil cans, soft drink and candy machines etc. More specifically, I am looking for *Cadillac Dealership *General Motors Motorama* *Studebaker Delaership *Buick Dealership *Sunoco *Gulf **Futurliner *Las Vegas Strip circa 1960 **Packard Dealership. Feel free to call me to let me know what you would like to share. Any material sent to me will be returned to you!

A Word About Framing

One of the most frequently asked questions: The choices for framing and matting artwork are endless. The style and colors of the frame and mat is a personal choice; and should compliment both the print and the surrounding décor. The best way to achieve this is to go to a professional framer. The framer will have multitudes of frames and frame styles to choose from metallics, woods, and painted woods. The frame style can range from very plain to elaborate designs. We suggest at least a double mat-and the colors of the mat are limitless. Again, the mat color choices are personal preference. The framer will have color mat "corners" to lay on the print to show you how different colors enhance each print. Keep in mind the room décor when making the final color selections. Some collectors select the same frame, but use different color mats to suit the print. Others frame and mat all prints identically. There is no right way or wrong way, it is simply personal preference. Be sure to take the time to look at the different combinations available when visiting the frame shop. One method that enhances the art is to frame the print with additional objects incorporated within the frame, such as trim emblems or patches. Old dealerships and gas station memorabilia would also add to the interest. The photo shows one such example. The prints framed with emblems are usually the first to sell at shows. Quality of materials is one thing that should never be compromised. The framer should be able to provide "archival" quality matting. This includes acid free matting and UV protected glass. Taking care to purchase these qualities will protect the value of the print for years to come. NEVER hang a print in direct sunlight. Sunlight and moisture are the most damaging elements to artwork.

At Home and Around the World

When you think of Milan, Italy what usually comes to mind...Alfa Romeo or perhaps Ferrari? Well, the next time you visit Milan, take a look at the art work on the walls. You are thinking DiVinci, or Michelangelo perhaps? Look closer-yes thatÕs right, a collection of Dave Snyder American muscle car art! One of our many collectors owns an upscale ristorante in Milan, and it is decorated exclusively with DaveÕs automotive art! If you collect David Snyder prints, you are not alone. Collectors from the four corners of the world-fifteen countries from Finland to Japan; throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand; Mexico to Canada; Iceland to South Africa and EVERY state in the United States have David Snyder muscle car art proudly displayed in private collections, homes, and businesses. So you collect only the original art? Original paintings reside in private collections in the US and Canada. Corporate collectors include Kruse International, Chevrolet Motor Division, Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors, The Paddock, Trim Parts, Lionel, My Classic Car and Wabash National among others. Want to share your collection display? Send us a photo of your display and we will publish it in a future edition of ÒArtÓomobile News. Over 6,000 people have obtained one or more Snyder prints. We appreciate each collector!

Secondary Market

Collectors call from time to time and ask what a particular print is now worth. I cannot give an accurate answer to that question, I can only relay price information according to what I have seen and heard.

Here is how a secondary market is created:
Each print that is in my stock is sold at regular retail price. This is the ethical way to do business. Once the limited edition is sold out, dealers will increase the price of the prints remaining in their stock, thus creating the secondary market. The price also varies and is set by each individual dealer. Some factors influencing the increased price are: length of time on the market (the fastest selling prints are obviously the most popular and will therefore be more sought after), early editions; and a sudden market demand for a particular print. The second print I did, "Sunoco 260" now trades on the secondary market for $750.00, unframed! Some other pieces demanding significant dollar... "Moparty" $400.00, 'Moparty Too" $400.00, "Chevies on the Levee" $500.00, "Hot Dogs and Apple Pie" $500.00, and "Flite Fuel for the Birds and Bees" $400.00. A bit of advice: if you purchase any artwork, be sure the seller guarantees a print in "PRISTINE CONDITION". A print in any condition other than pristine is only a piece of paper!

Mailing Help

If you do not want to continue to receive our mailing, PLEASE let us know. Postcards and postage are quite expensive and it can be annoying to receive unwanted mail! Moving? Again, just let us know so that we can correct our records.

Improved Quality

Collectors of my limited edition prints have noticed a dramatic improvement in the quality of the the last four prints. I have upgraded to a higher quality heavier stock. These and all future prints will be printed on a smoother paper stock that will hold more of the fidelity of detail and intensity of color I am known for. The printing will also come closer to matching the original painting. It is my goal to provide the best product possible.